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Celebrations underway as VR game sells well over 212 copies

It's all drinks and fun times at premier VR studio Pancake Interactive after the launch of their latest title, Knob Simulator for Paper VR, reached 214 downloads. Previously known for early VR hits, Zombie Roller-coaster VR Fishing and Underwater Relaxation with Sharks. Both apps have generated over 112 euro-dollars since launching on Octopus Reef DK3 in 2011. Chief Creative CEFO and mayor of Pancake Interactive, Donny Glasgow, said; “I was worried we wouldn't break 100 units but when we smashed through the 200 mark I grabbed the nearest intern and kissed his head. The bearded one, Clive, Keith. Yes Keith”. “People keep saying there's no money in the early days of VR but we're proof they're smoking the cheese. At this rate we can afford to keep one of our interns and possibly get an office with a complete roof”. Knob Simulator is available now so if you like the idea of grabbing a wide range of door knobs then head over to Gargle Play and grab a copy for just 1.12 €$.


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