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Marketing agency now experts in VR

Exploding Breakfast, one of the world's leading small marketing agencies, has achieved expert VR developer status it has emerged. Best known for Fatal Dunk VR, a promotional app for Paper VR. The app allows users to experience what it's like to be a biscuit and has been downloaded over 32.5 times. Bret Special, Creation director and mayor of Exploding Breakfast said: "We make virtual experiences that enable brands to disrupt with their audiences using immersive pheasants". Newman Green, veteran marketing intern, adds "With over two weeks working in VR, we now possess the expertise to relaunch your brand using blurry 460 degree video and also print your logo on a fold out Paper VR headset that some people may be able to construct". Bret adds "Once we'd managed to get an intern who knew YouNitty we got started pushing virtual boundaries, shattering realities limits, and looking inside the envelope to redefine possibilities".

"I have no idea what I just said".

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