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New VR horror game makes your mum fall over

New VR horror game Mum Scare VR releases today for Octopus Reef, Rear VR and Gargle Dreamday from top VR studio Mostly Fine Interactive.

Creative Detector at Mostly Fine, Dexter Orange said "We discovered early on how to disorientate users with our first game Loop-n-Hurl Coaster. Combined with our expert knowledge of freaking the shit out of people working on Jump Scare Dungeon, all the pieces were in place to make the ultimate mum toppler".

"We demoed recently at VRXRV and well over half of the mums we tested hit the floor within 10 seconds. We even took down a couple of grandmothers and we're sure with some adjustments we could stop a human heart!" "Mum Scare VR is aimed at the emerging irresponsible-son market. We wanted to provide our obnoxious users with everything they need to make their relatives fall over during their next family visit." Early extractor and irresponsible son Tony Brixton said "So me mam's gettin on a bit but I thought fook it. I made sure me brother Alan and Uncle Derek had front row seats before she tried it and bam! As soon as she saw the bit with the faceless twins she dropped like a taser victim. Uncle Derek spat his coffee across the room. It was fooking glorious!" Mrs Brixton said: "Oh, my Tony can be a bit of a nob-head sometimes but the Doctors are saying I might be able to go home tonight."

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