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AI will take our jobs and we'll all live in the Meta Vase claims VR industry expert

The impending problem of everyone being out of work has been partially solved by how awesome VR is, it has emerged. New data from the Scientific Institute of Science Studies predicts that from Sunday entire job sectors will start disappearing at a rate of 1 every 12 minutes. They have also projected that the only real jobs remaining by the end of the year will be street performer, dancer, actor and shouty guy from the park. Dangerous numbers of jobless people are predicted to be wandering the streets shortly after 'Jobmageddon' and VR has been identified as the perfect way to keep people inside their homes and out of trouble. VR Industry expert, Chuck Nooris said "It's inevitable we'll all end up in VR. You can do freaking anything in the Meta Vase. Want to spend your day photographing dinosaurs from your flying llama or saving kittens during a miniature alien invasion? In VR you can be anyone, anywhere, doing anything. I spend most of my day as a ninja lady mouse trying to win the friendship of a lonely beaver. Freaking awesome right?!" "It's not all super-fun-time-adventures in the Meta Vase though. If you long for the old world you can even take a virtual job similar to the one you just lost, complete with shitty boss, meeting hungry managers and a range of insufferable colleagues including that overly 'fun' one". "Seriously, if I could find my way to my fridge and toilet safely while wearing my headset, I'd stay in VR forever".

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