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Man quits job to focus on Octopus Reef Vs 8TC Vibe internet debate

Walter Salt has quit his job at Greycube Administrations to focus full attention on his Octopus Reef vs 8TC Vibe online war it has been revealed.

Salt said "My people need out me there full-time catching newcomers to VR before they're brainwashed by the enemy. I've been training for months behind enemy lines, infiltrating small groups of deluded headset owners to identify their weaknesses. I'm now available 24/7 and can be called upon to hurl abuse using my extensive catalogue of illegal insults.

"I've been warming up for tonight's debate with an epic plan even Gandelf would be proud of. I'll lure them in with some gentle discussion around integrated headphones and headset comfort. Then I'll turn up the heat with some controller functionality debate. Then boom, I'll drop some tracking quality arguments and finish them off with a software catalog + walled garden double smack-down! Those cheese smoking internet dwellers don't stand a chance".

The Scientific Institute of Science Studies put the question of which immersion goggles were superior to their task-force of VR experts. After 13 months of extensive testing VR expert scientist, Dr Chuck Nooris, said "The experience on both is pretty much exactly the same"

Salt responded "You're fuc*ing kidding right? Nooris really said that? Well that's me screwed. I'll need to do something else with my life....."

"Elite level griefing in VR-Chats anyone?"

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