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10 tips to becoming a tedious VR hater

We spoke to ModoNet journalist and unrelenting VR naysayer, Dan Calamity, to get some advice on how to effectively bring the VR doom. Dan said "If you're one of those self-appointed tech experts who enjoy squirting your journalistic wisdom over your readers then I've got some top tips that are guaranteed to accelerate the ruin". 1) ‎Ensure you frequently mention the absence of an all powerful killer app that consumers will be powerless to resist. Say stuff like 'Where's my GTA and Mario' irrespective of how relevant they are to VR

2) ‎Blindly refuse to recognize VR has any potential outside of porn

3) ‎Insist the holo-deck should be available NOW and the fact it isn't is a collective failing of the entire VR industry

4) ‎Claim all mobile VR is not proper VR and will probably remain a bit shit forever

5) ‎Grumble that high-end VR costs over $3000 and is only for lonely people with a spare room

6) ‎Claim all VR software is guaranteed to make everyone projectile vomit onto their shoes in less than 12 seconds

7) ‎Compare VR to 3DTV, Kinect and Laser Disk and comment they're exactly like VR so therefore destined to failure

8) ‎Casually mention that Apple aren't making VR so it's probably doomed because Apple are magical and a bit special

9) ‎Announce that AR will destroy VR because it's the same but kind of different

10) ‎When discussing VR's ability to transport users to other worlds, allowing them to have inspiring, educational, enlightening or thrilling experiences remind your audience this can be achieved much more cheaply with a combination of hard drugs And there you have it. If you enjoy unnecessary negativity and really want to look like a bit of uneducated tw*t for the sake of extra clicks then now you know how.


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