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Gunterpants release haptic underwear and connected VR dating app

A new start up have released the Gunterpants haptic underwear system that connects to a VR app allowing friends or strangers to remote-play your crotch in VR like a world class pianist. Chief marketing designer at Gunterpants, Tammy Thunder said "Developing the Gunterpants from early 3D printed prototype to stylish underwear has been extremely challenging. Especially the user testing phase. When we were confident it was probably waterproof and wouldn't explode we went straight into crowdfunding and smashed our 3 million funding goal in under 12.4 seconds". "Gunterpants comes with a fully immersive social platform. Visit adequately constructed virtual locations and select from a limited range of poorly made 3D avatars. Additionally if you have one of those slightly freaky 3D avatar scans of yourself you can use that but it's not recommended. The app can connect with your special someone or you can hook up with other users and sample some of the Gunterpants community magic finger work". "If you don't have a VR headset you can even connect to a Gunterpants wearer through the smartphone app. Simply tap, tickle or swipe the rendered 3D crotch and the recipient will experience a loose approximation of your intent in almost-real-time. The app also has a discreet mode where to onlookers it looks like you're playing Fruit Slicer on your phone". Early Gunterpants backer, Bret Special, said. "My partner and I have the full set-up as she's away a lot and we hook up most nights for some two way electro-tickle-fun. The app is a still a little buggy though. Only last night she was briefly replaced by a random user who sounded like a 50 year old Greek builder". "Honestly though, after 10 seconds he went straight on my friends list".

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