• Victor Riddel

Mark Sugarbird's rogue algorithm accidentally joins a VR enthusiasts FaceFace group

FaceFace have today announced that the rumors of Mark Sugarbird joining the tranquil and well mannered FaceFace group, Octopus Virtual Reality, were the result of a software anomaly. Mark said "I've thought many times about joining a VR group on the platform I created and talking to people about my awesome gadget factory. I imagine it would feel extremely exciting, like venturing into the Wild West, naked and alone not knowing who's a kind soul and who's a bandit. I even have dreams about it". "My creators recommend I stay away until my PCR (Pricky Comment Response) algorithms are ready. This may take years and they say if I venture out too soon and talk to people it might trigger 'Defcon 9000' whatever that is?" "I guess my core programming must've got impatient and released an agent of curiosity to silently observe without me knowing. My creators are facinated how it got past the I am not a robot check to join the group and they're conserned for its safety". "I hope he's OK".

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