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Emergency services free PieMax user with head trapped in narrow corridor

After a lengthy 6 hour struggle with a spectacularly wide headset, emergency services have finally freed well known VR Youtuber, NayTea. NayTea said "When the PieMax 10k+ arrived it was time again to dive into the rabbits hole and haaave some fuun! The PieMax is some impressive next level vee-air. It has a 380-degree field of view, optional training wheels, double human-eye resolution, edge warping and 12 dead pixels". "The PieMax is also available in a 16k version with a ton of options including Sheep Motion hand tracking, Knuckle-Touch controllers, a chin cooling attachment and even an odour simulator. I can't wait to find out what VR Chat smells like!" "The 10k+ comes with a free game, hammerhead shark simulator. A thought provoking experience that allows users to experience the daily struggles of a fish with an unreasonably wide head. It was next level immersive so I kinda forgot where I was and wandered off. That's when I got permanently stuck in the corridor". "Rescue worker, Daan Pekelharing, said "We get a lot of calls involving these virtual goggle people leaping at their televisions or punching their friend in the head but this is a new one. We initially tried to crowbar him out but that was a little too distressing. After some lengthy consideration we just decided to take part of the wall out. NayTea was mostly fine during the rescue but I had the feeling he thought I was some kind of sexual deviant". "He kept screaming not to touch his big daddy".

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