Stop filming us freaking out playing terrifying VR games say girlfriends

February 12, 2020


The International institute for girlfriends have issued a statement requesting an immediate stop to video posts of their members losing their shit while playing ultra-scary VR games.

Spokesperson, Dorothy Serious, said "We're seeing a worrying trend among irresponsible boyfriends who enjoy filming their girlfriends trying the most intense horror and vertigo inducing VR games they can find. While this might be an excellent technique for establishing themselves a mischievous dickhead, it's only a matter of time before someone suffers a high-speed furniture collision... or worse".

VR vertigo girlfriend, Lucinda Biscuit, said "I tried the one with the plank. I certainly didn't enjoy the uncontrollable limb movements, involuntary whimpers and heart palpitations. It didn't help when Bret decided to give me a little push that caused me to face-plant into his new television. He won't be watching anything on that again, the prime-time f*cking doughnut".

Recovering VR horror girlfriend, Stephanie O'Lovely, said "My usually adorable boyfriend is a rampant VR enthusiast and convinced me to try Twisted Orphanage 3. Oh my socks! I thought I was going to have a f*cking heart attack. Little did I know I would later appear on NewTube, screaming like a crazy person and falling on a cat. I think I might've also done a tiny poo but luckily you can't tell from the video".

"He tells me it was totally worth it though as he has over 12 views and 6 likes".

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