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VR Dizzy is a satirical website set in an alternate VR/AR universe. It publishes spoof articles and is not intended, in any way to be taken as factual. As the site contains swear words it is only to be viewed if you are 18 or over.


I started VR Dizzy partly to let off steam from my day job making VR stuff and in response to ridiculous VR articles. I was raised on tech and the hope that humanity would one day journey into space, visit virtual worlds and eventually play Half Life 3. Falling in love with VR and AR was unavoidable.


When I'm not making VR/AR games and experiences, designing t-shirts or messing around in Photoshop on Instagram, I writes articles for VR Dizzy. Articles are inspired by the stuff I read and real life interactions I've had with a community I care deeply about.


I have an unwavering belief in the power of VR and AR and an unapologetic love of silly humor.

Big love

Victor Riddel

Images courtesy of iStock  Bigstock and the wonderfully generous Pixabay, Graphistock (Trial) and Twenty20 (Trial)

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