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VR industry will be worth 50 million-billion by Wednesday claims VR conference organizer

VR conference organizer; Opportunity Systems believe the VR industry will be worth well over 50 million-billion by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest it has been revealed. Backing up their claim with newly published data from Albert's data shop and sandwich bar they have also announced a number of conference dates at high profile locations in a Welsh field, a car park in Oakland and a small train station in Brussels with ticket prices starting as low as 1100 euro-dollars. Sessions will include: - If your not working in VR now you'll be living under a bridge in 6 months - Avoiding comfort with Paper VR - How to say 'bigger than the Smartphone' without laughing All sessions will be hosted by VR industry veteran newcomer; David 'Double Dave' Davidson. Dave said "VR will eventually replace everything that currently uses electricity. In the future all jobs will disappear and we'll live in virtual simulations working in jobs we adore and enjoying mind shattering VR entertainment". Regular conference attendee Conrad Sessions added; 'Each time I go to one of these events I pick up awesome new phrases like 'VR is the ultimate apathy machine' and 'How to maintain pheasants in VCR' which arms me with everything I need to get some budget from my boss to spend on crazy VR hardware and a Prawnhub VR subscription. For pre-early worm breakfast tickets use the code; 2G2BT with the following link: dave@hotmailahoo.con


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