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Magic Sheep CEO attempts to sell his rusty old bike for $125,000

Magic Sheep CEO, Ronni Almondbits, has recently listed his rusty old Mongoose BMX for an eye-watering 125,000 dollars, it has emerged. The Myspace listing reads; This is no ordinary classic 80's BMX. It's a spatial cycling enabler that can literally move people through any low-latency spatial environment by using it's multi-racing stripe sticker array and tiny wheels. It also can be used in conjunction with other spatial BMX people for collaborative co-presence cycling experiences. Utilizing magical self-aware handlebar tassels, it has the potential to change how the world cycles forever and bring about the next era of spatial environment transportation. Further investigation revealed the listing was reportedly marked as pending last Thursday when Ronni took the BMX down the road in an attempt to sell it an interested buyer named Mark Sugarbird, Mark said "Ronni knew I was struggling to build my PK Ripper so popped by on the off chance I might be interested. The tassels were f*cking mesmerizing but when we got to the price I nearly dropped my barbecue sauce!" "That crazy old wizard then cycled off shouting something about otters. Shame really.... those tassels we're really something special".

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