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Apartment residents increasingly annoyed with VR enthusiast who appears to be enjoying the lockdown

Residents of the Southfields apartment complex in Oakland are becoming increasingly annoyed with the guy opposite who appears to be having way too much fun in his VR headset.

Disgruntled, self-isolated resident, Dan Calamity, said "I'm bored out of my mind most of the day but what really twists my lemon is the constant joyful yelps of VR guy in apartment 12. When he's not zoom-chatting or taking delivery of his online groceries he's got his VR on, flailing his arms around while performing a weird musical chopping dance. It's deeply unnatural".

Sophie Landsoap adds "I've been observing VR guy for while but, like everyone here, can't understand why he isn't slumped in front of his TV trying to beat Netflix, refining his apocalypse-baking skills, being annoyed at teenage street gatherings or jumping around the same 3 apps on his smartphone like the rest of us!".

"Maybe he's just one of those annoyingly happy people or it's something to do with those electric face goggles. Out of curiosity and maybe a little can't-beat-em-join-em, I looked into buying a virtual helmet online. What was the point of that? They're either sold out or some opportunistic re-seller wants triple the original f*cking price!"

Equally annoyed resident, Max Crabby, said "VR guy is also driving me crazy with his non-stop fun times, especially with his online friend. Although their relationship looks like it took a downturn. Last night I witnessed him lying on the floor and repeatedly shouting 'fuck you Jeff".

"I hope Jeff's not taking this too badly".



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