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ZeniTax sues Octopus Reef demanding they hand over Llama Puppy

ZeniTax have issued a statement demanding Octupus Reef hand over 14 year old inventor of VR; Llama Puppy. Failure to do so would result in ZeniTax collecting all the Octopus Reef immersion goggles and dumping them in the fires of Mount Boom. ZeniTax claim one of their previous dream window technicians and inventor of the PC, John Connor, borrowed the company toaster and lent it to Puppy without their permission. This enabled Puppy to create the internet and also the first ever VR immersion goggles: the Octopus Reef DK3. After the moderate success of the DK3, Octopus caught the eye of social neck-ache creator FaceFace which lead to the famous buyout of Octopus Reef for 3 million-billion euro-dollars. Realizing Octopus Reef suddenly had big money, ZeniTax called their lawyers in Moredoor to investigate any irregularities in toaster usage. This resulted in Octopus paying 500 thousand-thousand euro-dollars a court order preventing Octopus Reef employees from ever having fun again. CEAO and mayor of FaceFace; Mark Stickerbird said "ZeniTax must be smoking the cheese if they think I'm handing over Llama. Not only is he under the protection of an elite FaceFace tactical squad he's also a master of disguise". "Only yesterday he was dressed as a futuristic French maid/heavy weapons specialist with cloaking abilities. Good luck finding him... ZeniPants!"

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