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Major brands turn to VR as they run out of marketing ideas

Major brands are now looking at VR as their marketing departments haven't had any new ideas for quite some time, it has emerged. Bret Special, Creation Director at top small VR marketing agency Exploding Breakfast said "Brands that don't engage in immersive targeting strategies in virtual disruption are in big trouble. Our research shows that digital immersion tactics can add over 12 percent of something".

"We recently sat down with German car manufacturer; Mercaudi and they wanted the full immersion-scape. A 460 degree showroom for Paper VR, an 8TC-Vibe car customizer and a big budget 460 movie featuring a Cirque-du-Paris themed roller-coaster, unrealistically shiny cars and beaver sumo". "We have big brands knocking on our door, keen to create the next throwaway VR experience. I just show them a huge VR industry growth info-graphic and say stuff like 'hyper-virtual immersion conversion' and before you know it they're signing a 500,000 unit Paper VR project". "Seriously. You'd be amazed what they go for. I pitched Nostril Coaster to one client to promote their cold and flu remedy. It was actually a joke but you guessed it...we're now making that".

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