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Parents encourage their awful kids to stay in VR as long as possible

Irresponsible Parents, Tony and Jenny Brixton, are keeping their utterly obnoxious children in VR for as long as they can it has emerged. "The kids used to play Call Off-Duty and GTA live all day and swear at the screen like a couple of oil platform workers. That's if they weren't breaking things, hanging out with their friends, smoking low-grade cheese or trying to steal cats". "We got a couple of immersion goggle headsets from my brother, Crispin, complete with Zombie Roller Coaster VR Fishing, Dodo Recall and Fallup 4 VR. They absolutely love it, and so do we!" "We try and keep them inside VR for at least 6 hours every day so we can watch Netflux and have a bit of a normal life". "People say virtual reality is unhealthy and isolating but I can assure you, it's having a very positive effect on our family lives".

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