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VC invests in some of that visual reality stuff

A Sillycon Valley accelerator, Turbo Immerso VC has announced funding for start ups working in VR, AR and VCR.

Founder and Chief Head Scratcher at Turbo Immerso VC, Ross Rossenbroth said "VR/AR/VCR might be the most transformative disruption technologies on the planet today. We believe they have the ability to be bigger than the internet and cure all the bad stuff. Turbo Immerso VC represents the leading player in the ecosystem-system which turned out to be quite easy as no one's got any idea where this is all going".

"We already have an extensive part-folio of over three VR companies. These include a VR teeth whitening company, a virtual sleep monitoring start up, a virtual cheese tasting vacation company and a VR therapies start up that helps people acclimatize to the trauma of going back to work after a long vacation. The more of these virtual thingies we acquire the greater the chance we'll get some tasty patents and IP we can make some big money off in the future".

"Successful applicants will have access to 1200 euro-dollars in funding, a ridiculously expensive co-working/nightclub space and access to an army of over-enthusiastic slightly arrogant mentors in exchange for 82 percent equity and the keys to thier house".

"We also are excited to have Gargle, GruntVR and Sweaty-Face-Box as key partners. With these guys on board we hope to understand what the hell we're investing in as I for one haven't got a clue".

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