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460 Photo and Video finally admit to not being VR

[BREAKING] We've tracked down 460 Photo and Video to a remote wine bar in Oakland after they famously went missing on Monday. In an exclusive interview we can reveal they always knew they weren't VR but hoped no one would notice. 460 Video said "We just went with it. We were getting so much attention in 2016 it was intoxicating. One minute we were the talk of Sunpants film festival the next we were getting awards!". "We knew this day would come though. Especially with that self-important prick, Untethered Room-Scale-VR, strutting around with it's 'oh look at me, moving around a convincing 3D scene like you're actually there'. Assholen!" "Now I spend most of my time hanging out here with 460 photo which is pretty awful as he never makes a sound. Occasionally we meet up with my twin-headed brother, Stereoscopic-460-Video, who believes he's still got a shot at being VR. Yeah, dream on Beeblebrox!" "Although we have been hearing rumors of this amazing 6DOF-Light-Field-Video-Guy but they're also saying he's so freakin big he's scaring everyone away". [UPDATED 20/13/2012] Representatives from the Talk About Something Useful Alliance can now confirm that 460 Photo and Video have always been VR and this subject is now banned from the internet. [UPDATED 21/13/2012] They're not VR [UPDATED 22/13/2012] They're VR [UPDATED 23/13/2012] Argghhh!

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