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Ignore sweaty strangers at this new VR fitness club

Sweaty Face Box are opening a number of new VR fitness clubs aimed at people who would rather not have to look at the other members it has been announced. Founder and Creative CFO Monty Paymunt said "This isn't your usual open plan room full of clanking fitness machines and grunting customers. It's a mind shattering trip into your greatest adventure while you become a better, stronger you". "All our fitness machines are synced with the immersion goggles to deliver brain and body enhancing improvement benefits. We have state of the art virtual simulations and advanced trainer AI that knows kung-fu. This isn't a fitness club my friend. This is the future sports cyber training holo-deck of the future". Sweaty Face Box premium member Conrad Sessions said "I love not having to look at strangers contorted faces while I work out. I mostly use the illegal ninja moves government training simulation and the one where you run through Times Square during the giant robot beaver attack". "It's absolutely mind blowing. Well... at least for the first few seconds until the goggles fog up and you can't see anything".

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