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VR developer recovering after meeting with clueless client who will never understand VR

Donny Glasgow, Chief Creative CEO and mayor of Pancake Interactive is recovering at home after a particularly bizarre and challenging client meeting it has been revealed. Donny said "Work is drying up, our funding's run out but we do have a new high profile client, Grey Cube Administrations". "We definitely felt positive for the meeting with our latest VR demos and updated made up industry statistics but no one expected the level of advanced cluelessness that their CEO brought into the room". "Like most corporate clients he wanted the standard 460 video tour of Grey Cube HQ featuring him doing stuff and the usual minority report style floating menus. The meeting did get a bit prickly when he demanded live cross-platform photo-real avatar conferencing with 128 users. We talked about the difficulties but they kept insisting. But when he hit us with the requirement for the augmented reality training mode and the whole thing running on Paper-VR I had to pop to the bathroom and scream into a cushion for a couple of minutes". "It'll be OK. I just need some time work out how to build something that resembles what they have in mind. Who the f*ck am I kidding...we're most definitely f*cked". Clueless CEO, Russ Stone, said "This thing is going to be the next Pokemoon Go".

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