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VR arcade sprays players with soup to increase immersion

A new arena scale 9D VR arcade, SoupScape, uses a number of techniques to deeply immerse players in the experience including spraying them with 6 week old potato and pea soup. The available game, Super Soup Splatter Town Zombie Defence, allows a group of 12 players to engage in an intense fight for survival. Equipped with modified Momobobo Pro's, KroogerHands VR gloves, HugeShoesVR and SoupScape's patented inside-out-upside-down tracking system they're able to offer 106 degrees-of-freedom per player. VP of soup and CEAO of SoupScape, Cliff Plummet said "The VR arcade industry is getting super competitive so it's important to really stand out. By stimulating ALL the senses we can deliver a world beating hyper-reality immersion experience". "The warehouse is equipped with high pressure soup cannons capable of drenching players with a range of soup flavours. Take out one of the zombies at close range and we can pretty accurately simulate wet brains hitting your chin". "We also have high powered fans, electric cattle fencing, a tennis ball launcher filled with old dumplings and a couple of particularly farty dogs that can perfectly simulate what the end of the world smells like". SoupScape customer, Mitch Lovely said "That was the most amazing multi-sensory soup based VR experience I've ever had. It was even worth the minor burns and the fact I now smell like the back of a restaurant during a waste collector strike".

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