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VR developer pivots to AR on the promise of infinite riches

A VR developer is planning to become wealthier than an expert crypto-miner by switching to AR it has been revealed. The recent release of all-mended reality (AR) growth projections from Albert's Data Shop and Sandwich Bar have predicted the AR industry will be worth 212 million-billion euro-dollars in the coming days, months or years. Immersion industry expert, Chuck Nooris, said "This puts AR significantly ahead of VR when comparing made up financial projections. The choices are becoming clear to developers, continue to make VR and eat packet noodles while living with your mum or switch to AR and become rich beyond your wildest dreams". "The heavily rumored impending release of Apell's potentially world changing iFace smart glasses now means developers will soon have access to Apell customers who are enthusiastic, wealthy and a little bit special. Additionally Apell's ARmpit development platform allows anyone to create floaty 3D models that project on to tables with relative ease". VR developer Donny Glasgow, of Pancake Interactive, said "I read an article with Apell's Tim Kook who said he's not feeling the VR good vibes and AR is definitely going to be quite useful so we've pivoted to AR. I have absolutely no idea what we're making but it will probably involve copying Pokemoon Go, a tape measure, rearranging virtual furniture and a badly animated T-Rex". "I'm unsure at this time how I'm going to spend my never ending avalanche of money but I'm extremely tempted to invest in Magic Sheep".

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