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Ready Mayor One will propel VR into the mainstream and sell billions of headsets

Stephan Beaglelbirds adaptation of Earny Climb's Ready Mayor One will not only delight middle aged men who used to play video games and now work in tech, it will also launch VR into the public consciousness, boosting hardware sales by as much as a billion-billion. Headset makers Octopus, 8TC and PeasVR have now opened additional factories to cope with the massive demand. VR developers are in a hiring frenzy and local government are formulating strategies to cope with the amount of people predicted to be walking the streets wearing VR headsets following the release of the film. Set in 2019 when the world is super-shit and everyone spends all their time in VR. Ready Mayor One follows the adventures of ParcelVan, a full time vitual egg collector who's attempting to discover where the deceased mayor or the Meta Vase, Babe Newell, hid the source code to Half Live 3. Stephan Beaglelbird said "The film perfectly captures the rapid-fire nostalgia, pop culture overload and weird puzzles from the book. Getting sign off for all the obscure 80's stuff no-one remembers was a freaking nightmare though so I've replaced a lot of it with new stuff people might actually recognize". Middle aged tech geek, Conrad Sessions, said "That's the film about those virtual goggles and all that stuff from pop culture from when pop culture was good right? I'd watch that". "Although I am worried after seeing it I'll be unable to resist buying a couple of Vibe pros, a PieMax and a Magic Sheep nOne".


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