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Stop with all the VR shit say Dogs

Dogs have officially announced they're tired of all this VR shit and it's starting to freak them out a little. Troubled VR house dog, Luna, said "I don't get it. Once they put the electronic dream box on their face and grab the magic spoons it's all 'woahh this' and 'Ohhh that'. I have no idea what they're doing and I find it to be deeply unnatural". "I can't remember the last time Clifford and I played Frisbee or cuddled up to watch Chamber of Secrets. The arrival of smartphones was bad enough but now he also spends his time stumbling around like a blindfolded toddler. And don't get me started about that dancing glow-sword game. Being near that shit is fucking terrifying!" Anxious VR house dog, Gwenevere said "Oh, Jenny is terrible. I've been launched across the room, received a couple of tail stomps and a shin in the face. I definitely still love her but if this carries on some strategic cable chewing may be required". Cats said "This shit is hilarious. Keep it up humans".

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