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Rockman quits Magic Sheep and joins the 2015 HelloLens team

In a shock announcement Rockman has confirmed he is leaving Magic Sheep and joining the 2015 HelloLens team as a prototype asset. Rockman said "When I signed the NDA and handed over my family I was told I would be featuring in a world changing announcement demo. I was so freaking nervous on the day and I think you can tell from the way I was shaking and the rock throwing was definitely not my best". "I knew it was going to be hard to follow up on the spectacular performance from Brian the whale in the school hall. I'm aware they tried to hire him again for this announcement but he's mysteriously gone missing after a minor breach of his NDA". "They've now told me they're planning to go back to concept videos as that was working out much better for them than this new demo approach. I'm not really high quality enough for that stuff so I'll be travelling back in time to join Microloft where I'll be much more appropriate". Part-time cheese smoker at Magic Sheep, Ronni Armpits, said "To truly appreciate Rockman you really need to see him through the headset while smoking some premium cheese, preferably on your birthday. Only then will you experience the true power of multi-dimensional, eye-brain-light-field, cheese enhanced computing".

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