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Momobobo announces super cheap VR headsets to compete with all the other shit ones

Momobobo, the well-known disposable cutlery manufacturer, are launching a range of truly shocking VR headsets it has been announced. Consumers have the choice of 3 different models: The Yogurt-Carton X1, The Blister-Pack and The Plasi-Card. Prices range from 7 to 11 euro-dollars. Brand Manager and Creative Distractor; Geraldine Smoke said: "all the head boxes have 32-degree field of view, upstairs-downstairs tracking, double immersion mode and can accommodate any Windroid phone. "We've seen a huge increase in amount of truly awful immersion goggles on the market so we sat down one day and thought let’s make something dangerously cheap". Momobobo Yogurt-Carton user; Unique23 said "I've been using my Yogurt all weekend playing Face your Pears and Knob Simulator and it held up pretty well apart from the melting and the face cuts. I can't wait to try double immersion mode!" Update 13/13/2015: Momobobo are currently recalling all its products from both retail outlets.


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