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New VR accessory solves motion sickness by bringing one knee into VR

After a successful crow-funding campaign that raised over 120 euro-dollars a new device; KneeVR aims to end motion sickness in VR forever. Common causes of VR sickness include; steak tartare, glam rock, worrying about your cat or drinking shots while performing a loop-the-loop at 20 fps on a Paper VR headset. "Having a knee in VR means heightened knee awareness' claims Design Detector; Munro Sparks. "This not only increases pheasants but also grounds the user in the virtual immersive simulation by adding something familiar, their knee! I mean. Look at your knee now. You feel calmer. Right?". Part time coder on the project; Chester Butterbrow said; "After extensive research at the Scientific Institute of Science Studies we discovered that over half of the two people we tested reported little to no VR sickness while playing Face your Pears and Keep Talking to Someone's Toad". Sparks added; "By strapping an old Wiii controller to a leg we proved our concept and intend to go into mass production by 2033". "We are actively seeking funding from anyone who's quite nice. We've been watching the VR/AR/VCR market for a while and the smart money is definitely being poured into the Meta Vase". Test subject; Amanda Hollywell said "my knee hurts"


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