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Magic Sheep releases video of random stuff floating in a dimly lit room

Magic Sheep have taken a small break from being mysterious and released another video featuring stuff appearing in a dark room for some reason.

The super secretive mind control company recently received 800 billion-billion euro-dollars from time travelling alien investors and are now estimated to be worth more than the planet Saturn. Using a technique known as inter-dimensional light shepherding coupled with Misunderstood Reality (MR) they are able to project computer generated stuff into dimly lit rooms using a headset code named 'Dreamhat', but only after the wearer has smoked sufficient cheese.

Ronni Armpits, Chief Shepherd and part time astronaut at Magic Sheep said "We get potential investors cheesed up and send them into a three day Dreamhat investor presentation cabaret. Honestly, by the time they're done they're so spaced out I could convince them to invest in MiniDisc.

We've also hired some of the top minds working in the industry including Pen & Taller, Elvis, Keyzer Soze and Dave 'Double Dave' Davidson to distract from the fact we don't really know what we're doing".

Magic Sheep's Dreamhat will be unveiled to the world in the form of an elaborate stage show given by beavers, performing sign language, to a custom soundtrack provided by The Ruling Stones. This is scheduled to occur anytime between Tuesday and 2021.

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