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New VR Arcade opens in some guys front garden

A new VR Arcade attraction has suddenly appeared in someone's front garden in Dicks Mount, Suffolk in the UK. Local resident, Gloria Sweet, said "when I first saw the hammock I thought it was the local relaxation group but quickly realized the trendy fella at number 11 has set up some sort of futuristic fun-goggle ride". Trendy fella, Clive Harlow-Brown, said "It just hit me one night. Everyone is fascinated by immersive reality but most people don't know what it's like. I can solve that for people for just 30 euro-dollars and give them a mind blowing 4 minute trip into the Meta Vase"

"Only serious junk here. The latest Paper VR goggles, a couple of Windroid phones and an old hammock that I occasionally jiggle. I've also cooked up some sweet VR games in YouNitty at the weekend. Super Wave Zombie Wave Shooter - Ultimate Wave Edition and Repetitive Cave Flight - Magic Hammock Mayhem. What more do you need?"

Over-enthusiastic customer; Mike Crawford, said "Wow. Seriously, like... wow! It was like I was really there but I was peering through a couple of small holes, had no body and

everything was stuttering and blurry. This tech is the freaking futu.....hold on. Give me a minute"

Grumpy old neighbor, Winfred Weatherspoon, said: "They're using alien mind control boxes to turn people vegan. Dodgy bastards!"

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