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VR will completely revolutionize the healthcare industry before sundown

Virtual Reality technology will completely disrupt the global healthcare industry by as early as 8pm it has emerged. Creator and part time CEO of Virtual Doctor Reality VR, Max Wellbean, said "We've created a slightly freaky looking 3D doctor avatar with occasional speech recognition and over 12 pre-recorded responses. Now people have access to a cheap, badly animated virtual doctor there's no longer a need to visit real hospitals. This will not only remove the need to sit in a tiny waiting room, this will also save lives". VR phobia therapy expert; Dr Chip Risotto said: "We specialize in social phobia applications that simulate uncomfortable life situations. This can vary from meeting your partners awful friends, driving through Belgium or watching a 40 shades film. By allowing people to experience this in a controlled virtual simulation we can gradually prepare them for the unavoidable shit stuff in their lives."

The Scientific Institute of Science Studies have also created a VR application that demonstrates what a floating computer generated heart looks like. App creator Stephanie Serious said "We created this revolutionary application specifically for people who want to know what a floating holographic CG heart looks like. Beyond that we're not quite sure what to do with it".

VR is also being used to train complicated medical procedures. Micro surgery intern, Michael Barrat, said "I've racked up 100's of hours with VR surgery game Keep Failing and No One Will Know". I think I'm ready to operate on a real person and from what I've learned in VR it would at least be entertaining to watch.

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