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Feel virtual objects with Krooger Hands VR

A new VR controller, Krooger Hands VR, allows you to feel virtual objects in VR by encasing each hand in an over-elaborate metal cyber glove it has been announced. Each glove, weighing similar to a small child's bicycle is constructed from steel rods, gears and a tangle of wires connected to a large PC strapped to the users leg. The available demo we tried features a floating ball, a metal box and a lonely beaver having a picnic. Attempting to grab each one resulted in the gloves delivering truly unconvincing and slightly terrifying haptic feedback. CEFO of Krooger Hands VR, Edward Sizzlerhands said "Now it's no longer causing temporary paralysis we feel we're ready for a soft launch in Oakland. Both early users reported an increased sense of pheasants, especially with the beaver". "Krooger Hands can be applied to a wide range of industry applications. Imagine being able to feel your inbox or actually reach out and grab someone's contact details. And don't get me started on the adult entertainment industry, although we do have another device planned for that". Test subject; Amanda Hollywell said "I can't feel my thumbs".



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