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Realistic avatar scans freaking out users in social VR

Encountering the new 3D scanned avatar feature in social VR application, Unhappy Valley, is freaking the crap out of people it has been revealed. The technique known as photo-grab-a-tree captures a live human from 460-degrees in an attempt to create more realistic looking avatars in VR. Founder of 3D scan booth start-up, Virtual 5D Scans 3D, Rob Arctor, said "Climb inside our massive scanning booth for 22 minutes and we can create an eerily familiar yet coldly terrifying version of you that can live in the Meta Vase. Alternatively we can 3D print a freaky little version of you for just 212 euro-dollars". Social VR user: BeaverCake13 said "The one I saw looked like a character from a budget Peas-2 game and sounded like 'dodgy connection Skyqe' but when it started moving it was too freakin much. I pulled off the headset and had to watch 6 episodes of Friends before I started feeling normal again". Social VR expert; Chuck Nooris said "I've heard multiple accounts of people fleeing from 3D scanned avatars in social VR app Unhappy Valley. Most users seem to get away safely, at least the ones that aren't using VR treadmills". Beavercake13 tearfully adds: "[sniff] Most of the time you get a warning one is near from the screams. It's when your out in the remote regions of Unhappy Valley, that's when you're in trouble. The one I encountered looked like an animated plastic corpse" "I don't think I'll [sob] ever be the same again"

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