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Avoid all the good and crappy bits of a real vacation with a VR vacation

A new virtual tourism app, Virtually There Kind Of VR, releases today from leading VR experience developers, Exploding Breakfast. Creation Director; Bret Special said "We have over seven, 460 photo-sphere-balls to view. One minute you're on Everest. The next you're in Tibet. Then boom! Oakland. You can literally warp around the planet like a magical teleportating backpacker". "You know that beautiful warm feeling you get on holiday at the end of a fun packed day of adventuring, dancing and eating beautifully prepared food? Well you won't feel that". "Although you will avoid painfully dull holiday buddies, getting wrongly arrested, hiding from thunderstorms and accidentally eating chickens feet". Virtual Traveler, Vanessa Lovely said: "I have a super-shit job so I always plan a couple of long toilet breaks where I go clubbing in Ibiza and kayaking in Canada". "I am getting worried people think I'm up to something though".

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