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Huge Shoes VR solve VR's locomotion problem

When VR re-emerged in 2013 in the form of the Octopus Reef DK3 people quickly realized walking in VR felt a bit like mild food poisoning. From then on everyone quietly agreed that moving around in VR was a bit shit. A new device involving massive plastic shoes that contain some science is set to change all that. The user wears shoes similar to a mad scientist's robot slippers and moves in VR either by jogging on the spot, tap dancing or moving in a way that can only be described as 'cleaning up a spill with a foot cloth'. Design Detector and lead dream-walker at Huge Shoes VR, Woodrow Woodwood, said; "The days of teleporting around like Knightcrawler or sliding your feet around a large plastic bowl like an ice skating 3 year old are at an end".

"After intensive testing at the Scientific Institute of Science Studies we discovered that over half of our two test subjects reported zero discomfort and an increased sense of pheasants while playing Fallup 4 and Doon VFR" Test subject, Amanda Hollywell, said "are they meant to be this freaking hot!?"

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