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New AR headset announced aimed at people who don't mind looking a bit ridiculous

Viowei the little known smartphone manufacturer have today announced the Goggle Face. A standalone AR headset that makes you look like a cyberpunk time travelling welder. The Viowei Goggle Face features three 180p screens, 20 degree FOV, world-town tracking, 22 minutes battery life and comes complete with nonchalant AI personal assistant Lazy Susan. Chief marketing politician at Viowei, Geraldine Smoke said "All-mended Reality (AR) will transform peoples existence enabling them to casually blunder through life with ease. It will decorate the real world with animated distractions and perform the role of mother, mentor and magic entertainment butler". "Lazy Susan is a serious gamer-changer. Put her in charge of you life and begin a magical journey into the unknown. She comes with a slightly annoying (and mostly correct) personal GPS. She uses facial recognition to identify people who have photographs of cars as their profile picture (allowing you to easily avoid them). She can project overlays and give step-by-step ultimate sandwich construction instructions. She even has an e-mail app that enables you to search through your inbox while you stand in the street although this can sometimes look like you're guiding an invisible plane to it's gate". Full time occasional AR user; Mitch Lovely said "People notice me in the street a lot more now I have the Goggle Face. I don't think people think I look ridiculous at all. They must think I'm from the future or at least I'm quite new and modern and stuff like that". Onlooker, Stanley Dan Standard, said "At first I thought there was a comic convention nearby and he was one of those science fiction people. Then I realised those VR goggle people must be going outside now".

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