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VR meditation app actually just a video, some music and a lady talking

VR users are starting to realize relaxation apps are just some 460 video, soothing music and a lady talking in a calm way it has been revealed. Erica Bendfaster, Creator of Beach Sunset with Calm Lady Talking VR said "We originally planned to make an interactive VR vacation app but that turned out to be a lot of work so we decided to make a VR relaxation app instead". "I shot a low-quality 460 degree sunset on a Belgian beach, got my sister to record some dialogue when she was feeling a bit tired, added a relaxing music track we found on SoundCrowd and voila! It's currently 39th most downloaded relaxation app on Gargle Play Store. We were planning to expand the app with a new location but we've realized no-one wants to actually pay for relaxation apps". Beach Sunset with Calm Lady Talking VR user, Vanessa Lovely, said "I love nothing more at the end of a busy day than relaxing with my Paper VR headset and watching a slightly blurry sunset while listening to cheap music and the husky monotone words of a relaxed lady. It really enhances my focus, calm, and breathing plus it helps me forget about my utterly shit job and awful boss". "I can't wait for the expansion, Small Jungle Waterfall with Calm Man Talking, Well, unless the developers want some money for it. Hey...I'm not crazy!"

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