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Man found wandering the countryside wearing standalone mobile VR headset

A VR user has been discovered wandering around in a damp field wearing his new standalone VR headset some time after he went missing it has been revealed. The recent release of Momobobo's untethered VR headset featuring a 'Metropolis Scale' tracking system allows users to wander freely without the need for external sensors. Wandering VR user, Conrad Sessions, said "Honestly. I just lost track of time, space and reality. Everyone been talking about this amazing new experience, Roam-Scape, so I thought I'd try it out but I didn't expect to end up in a field knee deep in cow junk". Roam-Scape creator, Dexter Orange of Mostly Fine Interactive said "Roam-Scape uses GPS and advanced computer vision to scan and reconstruct the world around you. It also hooks into your social networks, education history, health records and PrawnHub account. Using advanced entertainment algorithms it creates an custom virtual adventure that's perfectly tailored to you. One minute you're climbing the crystal mountains of Betamax Prime, the next your fleeing from cyber beavers in a future re-imagining of your town center". Conrad adds "I watched the helicopter news footage of my adventure and the bits where I'm navigating the busy highway or talking to the cows were pretty funny. The part where I'm having sex with the hedge is a little embarrassing though".

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