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Unpleasant moron discovered in social VR

A representative from the Scientific Institute of Science Studies has discovered an unpleasant moron that may indicate a new phase of human evolution is occurring in social VR app, Unhappy Valley. Dr Stephanie Serious said "Any evolutionary step, either forward or sideways represents a landmark in the study of human adaptation". "We witnessed the emergence of class 2 f*cktards in the early days of online gaming but it never evolved into a semi-permanent neurological state. It appears that there's something special about social VR that for a select group of male users reawakens a 200,000 year old part of the brain that was originally responsible for being a total dick. Professional douche-nozzle and regular Unhappy Valley user, Beavercake13 said "See my penis drawing skills. Next level Van Gogh shit yeah? OK. Pull my magic finger baby. Pull it! Wait. Check out my virtual transforming crotch. That's some impressive junk right there. Let's go find some ladies...Oh. I think we scared them all away". Stephanie adds "We'll keep a close eye on this fascinating tribe of cock-wobbles in Unhappy Valley as some of us believe they may hold the key to creating the next generation of super-effective call center managers".

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