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Magic Sheep buys Norway after securing funding from everybody

Magic Sheep, the time travelling, inter-dimensional light bending device makers, have secured their 112th round of funding from everyone else remaining in the world it has been revealed. Chief Shepherd and part time cheese smoker, Ronni Armpits, said "The recent investment from everyone else who didn't fund us in the past will enable us to buy Norway and begin construction of an orbital mind-cannon launch site, a huge R&D theme park and a massive cheese storage facility".

Ever since the recent unveiling of the slightly photoshopped but potentially world changing VR/AR/VCR 'Dreamhat' the hype meter has been set to Defcon 9000. When questioned on the capabilites of the Dreamhat Ronni responds "To put it simply, experiential computing that utilizes inter-dimensional light shepherding to bring mind shattering content into an omnipresent screen-less interface that seamlessly blends with the world around you will eventually replace all electronic devices". "Don't think of the Dreamhat as just another augmented goggle hat, think of it more like an 'enlightenment assembler'. It leaps out of your head, gathers everything wonderful in this universe and pumps it back into your eyes at 600 frames per second". "More cheese anyone?"


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