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8TC Vibe double customer support team by hiring another cat who also hates you

In an effort to reduce the workload of their nonchalant customer support cat, Sparkle, 8TC have hired another equally grumpy and ineffective one. Sparkle said "Things have been pretty intense lately. I'm checking incoming e-mails sometimes once a day! I was finding it hard to cope in between napping and watching invisible spiders so I definitely appreciate the extra help from our newest team member, Buttercup". "Over the next few weeks I'll be training him in the art of pressing the randomly generated e-mail response button every time one of those stupid humans has a problem with their magic goggles. But today we're hoping to sit on a window ledge and watch the human zoo go by". "Oh great. Another dead pixel complaint from Walter Salt..... Buttercup. I think we're going to need a level 3 response. Set the 'It's probably your video card' one to send in 9 weeks from now". Buttercup said "I already fucking hate that guy!"


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