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Major brands creating shitty AR apps in an attempt to appear innovative

Top brands will be releasing a ton of uninspiring AR apps in an attempt to appear on trend it has been announced. AR developer at Pancake Interactive, Donny Glasgow said "AR is hotter than a dragons breath chili in a heatwave right now. Brands are looking for some attention grabbing engagement boosters and they believe AR is it. Brand managers repeatedly tell me they've seen Pokemoon Go and the Iron Man movies so have an expert understanding of AR". "We were excited to show some of our AR prototypes to our high profile client recently. We have some pretty useful augmented tools and experiences that use GPS, user generated content and scene analysis to enhance the world with interesting content. Unfortunately they didn't respond well to those". "They wanted an app where you point your phone at their product packaging and a poorly rendered, floating 3D version of their product appears. Possibly rotating. They also suggested having something running round on a table for reasons not known to us at this time. "It's highly likely we'll be making the same gimmicky AR shit we've been seeing for years".

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