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12 steps for VR to crash the mainstream like a crazed Kaiju

We asked world renowned immersion industry expert, Chuck Nooris to gaze at his ball and consider what it will take for VR to achieve world domination.

Chuck said "VR is steadily growing but to ignite the boosters and convince everyone to board the VR rocket ship then some tough choices and coordinated efforts will be required".

1) The immediate retrieval and destruction of every cardboard VR headset

2) The availability of affordable 8k ultra-lightweight PC quality 6DoF standalone headsets + gloves designed by Wayne Enterprises

3) The development of non-invasive technology that manipulates the vestibular system to control motion related discomfort

4) The realization from major entertainment makers that VRs killer app is probably a 'do whatever the f*ck you want' Westworld style MMO that users can spend weeks in

5) John Carmack made Mayor of VR, given unlimited funding and tasked with doing whatever he wants

6) Rec Room developer told to collaborate with the makers of Little Big Planet and add user generated content.......and a kids zone

7) Everyone involved in immersive learning told to stop f*cking around in isolation and collaborate on credible research into VR training and education

8) Affordable VR hotels to open featuring ultra-responsive Omnidirectional treadmills and convincing haptic suits serving up wild adventures

9) Immersive storytellers start making big budget VR movies featuring an AI driven digital cast that adapt convincingly to user actions

10) Government subsidized, frictionless VR conferencing technologies installed in workplaces around the world enabling a VR work-from-home future

11) The creation of attractive, lightweight 'super-haptics' underwear and connected VR dating app

12) Valve ordered to make Hogwarts and Jedi Academy simulators

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