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'We accidentally left our plan for VR in a taxi' admits Microloft

Microloft have officially confirmed they're a bit stuck what to do about virtual reality after having mislaid their entire VR plan.

Chief Mayor of Microlofts EdgeBox division, Phil Spender said "One of our interns accidentally left our VR strategy in a taxi. We tried to get the taxi company to send it to us but it must've gotten lost in the mail or something. Not quite sure what happened there. Oh look, a pigeon". When questioned on future plans for VR on EdgeBox Phil responded "Our consoles have more power than NASA and are capable of running insanely cool VR games. Unfortunately, due to our inability to agree internally we foolishly handed over responsibility for the VR plan to an intern and a psychic beaver in Venezuela".

VP of occasional success at Microloft's business shack, Elizabeth Soup, said "It's not been a great start for us. We did get some great media coverage for our peek-a-boo AR headset that no-one can afford but we're finding VR a lot trickier. For our OEM project our marketing guys smoked some rare cheese and came up with the concept of mixed reality VR only headsets. I know....pretty f*cked up right?"

"People were a bit confused by those so we've decided to write that one off as an unavoidable cheese incident. We're now giving them away for free to anyone willing to use Microloft Edge for more than 2 weeks".

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