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'It's just like the Oasis' claims maker of something nothing like the Oasis

A desperately naughty VR developer has announced they've built a digital realm of infinite possibilities that's just like the Oasis. Shortly after the release of Ready Mayor One developers have been brainstorming tenuous associations with the Oasis to help market their products. One such developer, Shamaramba, has achieved commendable levels of marketing flatulence with their latest product, Shamaramba Places. Part time mayor of Shamaramba, Chris Dilbert said "It's just like the Oasis. It's got a VR mode, it's online, it has avatars, fully colored 3D floors and there's definitely a computer involved somewhere". "In the spirit of the Oasis we've monetized the testicles out of it. You'll not only be able to buy and sell furniture, sushi and oxygen you'll also be able to buy virtual land. This is freaking brilliant for us because we've got an infinite supply of that! We're also selling tokens that unlock coins to buy Shamaramba-kryptons. I'm told these will make you super rich the week after you buy them. Extra brilliant!" "We've also scanned in some forgettable C-list celebrities that users will be able to witness moving in a freakish and unconvincing way. We have Steven Seagaal, Vanila Ice, some of those football people and that big stupid fella from Game of Thrones". "We've also hired Paris Hilton to further convince our investors who I'm told is an expert on things that are just like the Oasis".

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