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Couple recovering after visit to budget VR arcade

Bret Special and Sophie Landsoap are recovering at home after a disastrous visit to Cheap as Fook VR Arcade in Manchester it has been revealed. Founder of Cheap as Fook and part time parking attendant, Sergey Stickbeard said "Setting up a VR arcade is easy. Anyone can do it and the customers don't know the difference between this and the high-end stuff. A 60 euro-dollar ticket gives unlimited access to all 3 super immersion rides available in the smelly corner of this underground parking complex".

"We have an inflatable swimming pool and mostly waterproof mobile headsets where customers can experience swimming with slightly arrogant dolphins. We have an old shopping cart with a fan attached that I push around while customers experience Loop-and-Hurl Coaster. We also have some poorly erected scaffolding for most extreme experience, Ballistic Beaver Bungee Bounce. Customers are thrown onto a stack of huge Amazon boxes that once contained tiny electrical goods". Bret said "Honestly. I was ready to leave after I ended up with a 256mb memory stick stuck in my leg from the bloody bungee jump. Amanda tried the coaster one but it all went horribly wrong when she projectile vomited into the pool".

"Not so nice for the guy swimming with virtual dolphins".

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