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VR now being used to treat the pain of 21st century life

Scientists at the scientific institute of science studies have announced that everything is shit and humanity is stumbling blindly into social, economic and environmental collapse. This, for some, has resulted in an ever-present dull pain scientists are referring to as '21st century life'. Pained human, Bret Special said "I used to get that feeling that work was a never ending series of meetings populated by assholes. Or the sense that the Thai cooking class I'd booked for my girlfriend and I wasn't really going to save our relationship. Honestly, the high-points of my life used to be watching an inconclusive Netflix season about an autistic detective from Alaska, or clicking randomly on a painfully slow town building mobile game. VR changed all that". VR therapies expert, Dr Skip Risotto, said "We rounded up some heavily effected candidates to help them comes to terms with the fact that everything will remain shit, we're all going to die and the end of the world is going to look like a cross between Teminator, The Walking Dead and a Darren Aronofsky film". "We prescribed hourly doses of VR porn, Beet Slayer, Gecko Arena, Petite Dangerous, Star Trek - Fridge Crew and Arizona Fun-times. The results were shocking. 90 percent of test subjects showed a dramatic increase in extreme joy-screaming. Some of them got so excited we had to calm them down with a combination of Tilt Bush and VR meditation apps". "In fact the VR treatment has been so wildly successful we're now focusing on using AR to treat VR addiction".

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