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Opinions on why VR hasn't taken off now at record levels

Opinions on why VR hasn't achieved mass adoption by now are reaching unsustainable levels it has been revealed. VR user, Bret Special, said "It's now impossible to get through the week without someone offering up their questionable opinion why VR hasn't gone prime-time. Opinions range from 'bad parenting in the 90's' to 'crypto miners buying all the GPUs'. Only yesterday the postman was theorizing that AR is going to destroy VR like Mechagodzilla vs C3PO! Apparently people are just waiting for Appel's AR headset instead of buying VR. These conversations are becoming unbearable". Self appointed VR expert, Dan Calamity said. "Its obviously the missing killer app issue. You know, that single application that everyone adores regardless of their entertainment preferences. Like what Goat Simulator did for PC or the Yahoo weather app did for smartphones". VR industry expert, Chuck Nooris adds "The biggest obstacle is obviously the fact you have to try VR before you really get it. Headset manufacturers need an army of neon emblazoned VR trucks going door-to-door serving up a near perfect Oasis and optional VR porn. Not easy!.... well apart from the porn bit. You just launch the web browser on your Octopus Glo and type (inaudible whisper)".

Long time VR developer, Donny Glasgow said "It's obviously a price thing. There's a wide range of options from 200 bucks all the way up to the expensive stuff for a few thousand. But there should be a really cheap one that does all that expensive stuff but you know, really cheap or free maybe. That'll fix it". Dr Skip Risotto offered a different opinion "The biggest problem is obviously the VR hair epidemic, heatwave-warm-face, those locomotion-tummy-tickles and the reluctance for the general public to blindfold themselves with a plastic box. These will need to be addressed before we see Tivo style numbers". Grumpy VR enthusiast, Walter Salt, said "It's a hardware issue people! We need 300 degree FOV at 16k res minimum. I need cable-less goodness sitting on my head with infinite tracking range! I already have my nuclear powered bunker ready to go running GPUs that don't yet exist". Bret Special adds "Seriously, if you have an additional mainstream VR theory then please mail me at

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