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Henvideo announces life changing VR graphics card you can't afford

Henvideo have revealed the GleeForce RTS 4080 Pi. A VR graphics card so powerful it could solve the majority of your life problems. 

Excited PC VR gamer, Bret Special said "I've been feeling a little insecure lately but as soon as I pre-ordered the RTS 4080 I could feel the strength rising in my body. I don't even mind that I'll be mainly eating instant noodles for the next few months because in my head I'm soaring like a dragon". Chief Marketing drone and CPO of Henvideo, Jensun Oldbutcool took to the stage at GamesCrowd and said "The specs are so off the scale even we don't believe them. The RTS 4080 has 9000 BARACUDA cores, 1.21 gigawatt boost clock, real-time tray tasting and can run every VR game on the market at 16k resolution at 300 fps in 3 time-dimensions simultaneously". "Not only does it double as a time travelling hover-board it can also order food, manage your diary, clean up your house, help your children with their homework and auto-post winning comments in any futile internet debate you foolishly engage in". The RTS 4080 will cost 2000 euro-dollars and will be shipping next month, although a more powerful and cheaper version will be available 12 weeks after that.

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