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Volv unlikely to not not be making a VR headset

Volv have not confirmed they're definitely not making a virtual link ready VR headset that will certainly not release some time next year, not accompanied by a high-profile VR game. Immersive gaming expert, Sergey Stickbeard said "Volv definitely don't have an expert understanding of VR hardware and any rumors they may be up to something involving a headset are the ramblings of a overenthusiastic cheese smoker". "Even if Volv could theoretically build a HMD, they'd still need to build some kind of app store. No easy task. Additionally they would have the insurmountable task of creating a tracking system and controllers. Now that's just crazy talk! And don't forget they'd need some VR games. I can't think of a single Volv IP that would be appropriate". Hugable Mayor of Volv, Gabe Install said "Can you feel it in the air? The collective eerie silence of those who know that we're unlikely to not not be making a 2nd generation headset".

"Right. Who wants another hug?" Awesome Half Life headset design by Damien Paul Labonte

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